Aesthetic Dentistry

Attain the Hollywood Smile of Your Dreams in Dubai.

Bin Arab Dental Centre provides a comprehensive Hollywood smile makeover that aims to enhance the aesthetics, balance, and overall harmony of your teeth, enabling you to achieve the perfect Hollywood smile right here in Dubai.

Aspiring individuals seeking a more beautiful Hollywood smile often turn to aesthetic dentistry to enhance various aspects of their teeth, which may involve correcting misalignment, reshaping teeth, or achieving a whiter appearance. Furthermore, aesthetic dentistry in Dubai proves to be an ideal solution for those looking to restore their smiles, addressing concerns like chipped or permanently lost teeth.

The Hollywood smile makeover in Dubai encompasses a wide range of techniques and treatments, all meticulously designed to enhance the overall appearance of your teeth and smile. This includes addressing issues such as chipped, cracked, or irregularly shaped teeth, correcting misalignments, and rectifying uneven teeth. Moreover, it involves the whitening of discolored or darkened teeth.

The field of aesthetic dentistry is constantly evolving, with ongoing innovations and developments expanding the array of available treatments for patients aiming to achieve that flawless Hollywood smile.

These advancements empower experienced and skilled dentists to effectively address the unique cosmetic dental concerns of each patient.

Discolored teeth, for instance, can not only hinder someone's willingness to smile but also impact their self-esteem and self-confidence. Conversely, improperly aligned teeth can lead to discomfort and disrupt daily oral functions.

Aesthetic dentistry procedures, such as tooth filling and restoration, teeth whitening, dental implants and crowns, as well as dental veneers in Dubai, serve as effective solutions to tackle these dental issues. These treatments work harmoniously to restore or enhance teeth whiteness, correct uneven teeth alignment, and address issues like chipped or stained teeth.

The realm of aesthetic dentistry holds immense potential for realizing your dream smile and enhancing your overall appearance, extending beyond Hollywood smile makeovers to encompass various procedures. It can significantly elevate your self-esteem, allowing you to smile confidently and beautifully while enjoying the normal functions of your teeth without discomfort.

Diverse Treatments and Techniques to Attain Your Coveted Hollywood Smile in Dubai.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are custom-made tooth-like coverings affixed to the front of teeth. At Bin Arab Dental Centre, we offer some of the finest dental veneers available in Dubai. These veneers can be crafted from either ultra-thin ceramic or porcelain shells, or from composite resin material. To achieve a healthy, more naturally appealing smile, ceramic porcelain veneers are the preferred choice.

Given that veneers are applied solely to the tooth's surface, the veneer procedure typically requires minimal or no anesthesia. Dental veneer are a sought-after solution for enhancing the appearance of front teeth, particularly those that are broken, chipped, misshapen, or discolored. Dentists often recommend dental veneers to enhance the overall aesthetics of teeth. Reclaim both the form and function of your teeth with dental veneers in Dubai.

Inlays and Onlays

For a more lifelike outcome, dental professionals recommend the use of ceramic inlays and onlays as an alternative to conventional amalgam fillings, which typically have a silver appearance due to the presence of mercury. Ceramic inlays and onlays are crafted from exceptionally resilient ceramic material designed to replicate the natural color an texture of teeth. Their natural tooth-like appearance allows ceramic inlays and onlays to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding teeth.

Our cosmetic dentists at Bin Arab Dental Centre provide these options as integral components of our comprehensive smile makeover in Dubai.

Crown and Bridges

Dental crowns, often described as tooth-shaped "caps," are employed to envelop teeth, reinstating or enhancing their form, dimensions, and resilience while also enhancing their overall visual appeal.

Ceramic crowns are meticulously positioned and secured onto the teeth, providing comprehensive coverage of the visible tooth surfaces, extending down to the gum line.

Composite Bonding

Teeth composite bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves the application of a tooth-colored resin material to the teeth.

This material is then shaped, hardened, and polished to improve the appearance of the teeth.

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