Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal treatment

Relieves pain and saves your tooth.

When the pulp, nerve and blood supply of the tooth is severely damaged or infected following an injury, presence of tooth decay or leaky fillings can result in severe tooth ache, prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks and sometimes discoloration of the tooth are indicative that a Root Canal treatment is necessary.

Root Canal treatment relieves tooth ache and discomfort.

During Root Canal treatment, the tooth will be accessed on the top portion. Next, canals will be cleared away from the damaged and diseased pulp. Once the chamber is thoroughly cleaned and dried, the tooth will be filled with gutta-percha. Your Dentist will then close the top portion of your tooth with a temporary or final filling while you wait for the next appointment for the permanent crown. Depending on the condition of your tooth, a small supporting post maybe needed to make the crown more stable. Relieve yourself from tooth ache!

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